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Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Address: 4 ½ Camp Road
Phone: (876) 759-2080-1
Fax: (876) 759-2081
Web Site:
Open: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Contact: Executive Director
Phone: (876) 759-2080-1
Fax: (876) 759-2081

Since Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) was established in Kingston in 1991, the organization has trained 1200 volunteer adult mentors and matched them with at risk high and secondary school students, facilitated 42 organizations in setting up youth mentoring programmes, and built up a network of life-changing programmes now empowering students, families and communities. YOU is the largest Mentoring organization (SME) in the third world

Its Parenting Education Programme has reached out to schools PTA members through regular workshops, to Jamaicans in general through a one year national newspaper column, a series of periodic radio broadcasts, with practical guidance and important information on parenting adolescents and issues of the family’. The organization also continues to play a vital role as an active advocate for the welfare of all Jamaican youngsters.

Services Provided

YOU operates 20 programmes in schools and communities, from its base at 4½ Camp Road near Cross Roads. These are:

  1. Supervised Individual Mentoring Programme (the YOU core programme) with an average of 333 current Mentor-Mentee pairs

  2. Group Mentoring for classes within various corporate area schools

  3. Mentoring Consultancy for training and establishment of Mentoring programs

  4. Bi-weekly Adolescent Workshops featuring family values and life skills training

  5. Peer Counseling

  6. Motivational "Power Talks" in schools

  7. Leadership Training

  8. Cultural Arts – Dance, Music, Drama

  9. Parenting Education and Support

  10. Conferences – Building Strong Families

  11. Capacity Strengthening for Teachers

  12. Community Health Training

  13. Reproductive Health Training

  14. Reading Enrichment /Remedial Training

  15. Shadow Week (annual workplace orientation programme in partnership with employers)

  16. Summer Development (annual day camps)

  17. Sports Program – Golf, Swimming, Tennis

  18. Counseling

  19. Advocacy & Public Education

  20.  Youth Integrated Services Centre – offering:

    1. Career/Education;

    2. Job skills Training;

    3. Entrepreneurship

Eligibility Criteria

  1. 10-19 Years in-school

  2. 16-26 Years out of school

Cost Of Registration

None - A nominal fee is charged for Mentoring Consultancy work

Process Of Registration

  1. For Mentors – Application forms are available

  2. Programs are accessed through various schools and communities through Guidance counselors or officers of the organization.

  3. Persons may call or come in.

Benefits Provided

  1. Vital support mechanisms for youngsters to stay in school and achieve improved grades

  2. Vital support mechanisms to establish career focus, job opportunities or develop own business

  3. Self-Esteem Building – Value of self to personhood, family, community and nation

  4. Behaviour Change to improved psychosocial function

Other Useful Information

  1. YOU partners in the National Violence Prevention Program, Citizen’s Security & Justice Program (CSJP) funded by the Ministry of National Security and the Inter-American Development Bank.

  2. YOU was contracted by Jamaica Social Investment Fund in its Inner City Basic Services Project to provide one to one Mentoring to 180 adolescent.

  3. Over 3200 adolescents from 15 Corporate Area schools registered in one of YOU’s life-changing programs.

  4. A successful Christmas Card Project featuring Jamaican Artists and their work in aid of the organization is one way that the project is funded.

  5. YOU is a member of the International Mentoring Association out of the USA.

  6. Membership on the Council for the Latin America and Caribbean Region of CUSO-VSO International.

  7. Membership of the Board of Directors, CUSO-VSO Canada – an International Development Organization, a leading volunteer-sending organization; a branch of VSO International – London.